How to Break In Your New Boots with No Blisters

Posted on July 8th, 2017

Ridge Ultimate BootBreak In Your New Boots with No Blisters

You just bought a new pair of tactical boots.  Putting them on straight out of the box, they’re likely going to be stiff.  It’s a great idea to break them in before wearing them to work for the first time. You don’t want to find yourself in the middle of your shift with uncomfortable feet or worse, blisters.  There are some things you can do to help the boot break in process:

Don’t Be in A Hurry

It’s tempting  to wear those brand new shiny boots right away and all the time.  But give it some time.  Loosen up the leather and other upper materials before wearing them full time.  Wear your new boots early in the day, when the weather is cooler and your feet are rested.  As the day heats up, your feet begin to swell and sweat, two main factors that contribute to blisters.  Keep a broken-in back-up pair to change into as the day progresses.

Wear the Right SocksRidge tactical performance socks

Invest in some good cushioning socks, like the Ridge Coolmax® Duty.  Synthetic blends work well, but make sure the socks aren’t loose on your foot.  It is not recommended to wear socks made from potentially itchy materials like wool.  Extra heel padding will prevent blisters.

Break In those Heels

Blisters commonly happen in the heel area, so massage those heel cup supports with your hands before wear.

Help Break in Your New Boots with MoleskinInvest in Moleskin Pads

Moleskin is a great blister preventer.  Have some on hand in case you develop any hot spots on your feet during the break-in process.

Get Up and Move

Do activities that mirror what you do on the job.  Climb stairs.  Walk, run, and hike uphill and downhill, on concrete, linoleum, tile, dirt, gravel, etc.  This will help mold your new boots to your feet. As your boots break in, adjust the lacing systems to maintain a correct fit.

After the Break In Period

It can take two weeks or more to properly break in your new boots, but once they are broken in, they can become your best friends.  Ridge makes a complete line of tactical footwear, including socks, to meet your needs, no matter how tough things get out there.


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