About the Optional Packin’ Tee Universal Holster

Posted on July 5th, 2017

Ridge Packin' Tee Optional Concealed Carry Universal Holster


For maximum customization of your Ridge Packin’ Tee, we offer the concealed carry Universal Holster.  The Packin’ Tee has several optional accessories so you can customize yours to suit your needs, including the universal holster, designed to securely hold a wide range of different sized handguns.  The universal holster can be used for both a right hand or left hand draw, and comes in black or white.  It is an optional accessory available for purchase. Ridge also offers right hand or left hand draw standard holsters in two sizes:  1 for small handguns and 1 for large handguns.

Known for versatility, the Ridge Packin’ Tee has more options to choose from:

Extra Magazine Pouch to carry your back-up ammo
Extra Accessory Pouch to carry your wallet, passport, badge, etc.
Right or Left Draw Holsters in large or small
All Options are available in black or white



100% Pre Shrunk Cotton
Compression Fit
Extended Length
Holster placement on left side, right side or both
Reinforced mounting pads, shoulder and arm holes to prevent sagging
Commercial-grade hook & loop attachment pads for ease of switching accessories and making subtle fit adjustments
5 Pouches Available: Small Holster (left or right draw, for small to medium framed guns), Large Holster (left or right draw, for medium to large framed guns), Universal Holster, Accessory Pouch (for cell phones, passports, badges, etc. ), and extra Magazine Pouches.
Color Choices: Men: white or black Women: white or black

For the Use and Care guide for the Ridge Packin’ Tee, click here.

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