The Ridge Packin’ Tee – A Woman’s Guide

Posted on August 14th, 2017

The Ridge Packin’ Tee Concealed Carry Garment for Women

In a 2015 study, “More than half of women (55.6%) participating in a study commissioned by the National Shooting Sports Foundation said they intend to purchase at least one firearm in the next 12 months. That finding and many others reflect the growing popularity of firearms ownership by women, who represent the fastest growing segment of the shooting sports”, and “More than 42% of women have a concealed carry permit for their state of residence.”

If you are considering a concealed carry permit in your State of residence, there are many options out there for clothing and accessories, including the Ridge Packin’ Tee.

Why should you consider the Packin’ Tee? Versatility. No matter if you’re right or left hand draw or carry a large or small firearm, the Ridge Packin’ Tee adapts and is designed for versatility, comfort and style. You can always have your firearm at your side without the fit issues and comfort restrictions from standard holsters, and no need for jackets or other heavy outerwear to conceal your weapon.  Ridge has designed and manufactured a Packin’ Tee specifically for women.

What Makes the Women’s Tee Different than the Men’s?

Can I Wear a Men’s Packin’ Tee?

Yes!  You may have a longer torso than average so you may find that a men’s Packin’ Tee fits and functions better for you, particularly if you choose to carry a large sized hand gun.  Remember that the Packin’ Tee is intended to have a compression fit, snug and close to the body, to keep your hand gun in place and secure.  If you wear a women’s small, the men’s Packin Tee will likely fit you too loosely. The best way to determine which Packin’ Tee is right for you is to try them on and compare.