Duty vs. Athletic Footwear

What’s the difference between a traditional duty boot and an athletic tactical boot?  We’re glad you asked.  There are lots of differences in materials, shape, and weight.  Here is a comparison.

Duty Boots

  • Shape:  Munson Army last form
  • Uppers contain 50%+ leather
  • Midsole/Outsole heavier
  • Nylon mesh incorporated into uppers
  • Multi-directional lug patterned outsoles
  • Padded for extra comfort

Athletic Boots

  • Shape:  Sport shoe last
  • Uppers are primarily made from synthetic materials
  •  Lighter weight, cushioned midsole/outsole
  •  Vented, breathable upper materials
  •  Outsole designs based on athletic shoes – faster, streamlined
  • Less padding, lighter overall weight