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2016 was a landmark year for Ridge Footwear. Over twenty years ago, we created a performance footwear brand that stood for quality, style, function, and value. With the support of our partners and customers, we have grown to become a recognized, relevant, and trusted brand in tactical footwear and accessories.


In September 1996, Ridge Footwear launched with 9 models designed for sportsmen and public safety personnel. Within a few short years, we narrowed our footwear line to exclusively serve the public safety sector in order to focus on the needs of police, fire and medical personnel in the U.S. and beyond. This focus has allowed us to be a solid and reliable footwear manufacturer for 20 years. During that time, we’ve expanded our footwear collection to over 20 models, developed our own Made in the U.S.A. performance socks, and created a unique and popular concealment undergarment called the Packin’ Tee®.


As an innovative company, Ridge Footwear was the first tactical footwear manufacturer to design air cushioning into our outsoles in 1997. This was ahead of its time for the uniform market but proved to be popular in years to come. We continue to incorporate air cushioning in our Air-Tac series to provide reduced shoe weight and additional comfort.

Since the inception of Ridge Footwear, it has been a priority to provide our customers with first class customer service, top quality, and a variety of products to meet the needs of tactical and public safety personnel. Reliability is key: Our veteran staff has been with us from 6 – 15 years, and our product return rate is far less than 2%. Our USA—based family owned and operated company is rare but solid in a congested, corporate marketplace. Ridge Footwear is proud to serve the police, security, fire, medic and military men and women around the world for over 20 years and we look forward to 20 more.