Packin' Tee ® FAQ


Why are the Shirts Sleeveless?

To keep the extra shirt material from getting in the way of drawing your weapon.

Are they available in a V-neck or in Women's?


Is there a weight limit on the gun carried?

No! However keep in mind that the shirt is designed for deep concealment so the bigger the gun, the harder it will be to conceal. Also, the heavier the gun the more uncomfortable it will be to carry.

How do I clean the Packin' Tee ® shirt?

We recommend that you remove any accessory pouches from the shirt before washing. After you remove the accessories, you can wash the Packin' tee ® just like any other cotton shirt. If you forget to remove the accessories, they won't be ruined, but it will most likely shorten their life span. We suggest washing the accessories by hand.

How should the shirt fit me?

Tight. This shirt is designed to be a "compression fit". Meaning that it should be form fitted to the body. This type of fit helps keep your weapon close to the body so that it does not flop around or become a nuisance to you.

What size do I wear?

Typically you should wear the size shirt that you would normally wear.

I vary between two sizes, which size I should I get?

We recommend that you buy the larger of the two sizes.

What keeps my gun from rusting due to sweat?

We cannot guarantee that your gun will not rust, however, we have designed the arm holes to fit up under the arm pit to absorb as much sweat as possible. This should keep most of the sweat from getting to the gun.

How do I draw my weapon from the Packin' Tee ®?

This shirt is designed to be a cross draw. Meaning if you are right handed the gun should be located on the left side of your body so you draw across your body when pulling your weapon from the holster. Vice Vera for left handers.

What is the best type of shirt to wear over the Packin' Tee ®?

Whatever you want to wear! If you are wearing a button up, you simply unbutton the top 1 or 2 buttons and reach for your weapon.

Are these shirts made in Big and Tall sizes?

Yes! We make sizes SM-4x. All of our shirts have extended tails to help keep them tucked in.

Can I carry two guns in the Packin' Tee ®?

Absolutely! This is the wonderful thing about the Packin' Tee ®. Versatility! You can:

  • Carry a gun on both sides
  • Carry a gun on one side and ammo on the other.
  • Carry a gun on one side and Cell Phone, Wallet, Badge etc on the other.
  • Conceal a knife, mace, pepper spray etc instead of a Gun.

 How many different size holsters are available?

Two. Large and Small.