Use & Care of Your New Ridge Packin’ Tee ®

Use & Care of Your New Ridge Packin’ Tee ®

Congratulations on your purchase of your new Ridge Packin’ Tee ®. To maximize the effectiveness of your new Packin’ Tee ®, please follow these set-up procedures. If you need more help, email us at, or call 1-352-357-2669. Toll-Free in USA, 1-800-508-2668.

Get To Know Your New Packin’ Tee ®

• Included with your Packin’ Tee ® are two holsters: one for a small firearm, one for a large firearm. The included holsters are also right- or left-hand specific. Ensure that you have the correct holster for your draw preference.
• The Packin’ Tee ® is designed for a compression fit – snug and close to the body. This helps keep your firearm securely in place.
• We design our men’s Packin’ Tees ® to be sleeveless and the women’s with cap sleeves. This reduces bulk for ease of drawing your firearm.
• There is no weight limit on the firearm carried but remember: the Packin’ Tee ® is designed for deep concealment. The larger the gun, the harder it is to conceal, and weight will contribute to the concealment, stability, and comfort level.
• Because women generally have shorter torsos and smaller frames than men, the Packin’ Tee ® will very often fit women more comfortably and will conceal more effectively when used with a small-sized firearm.  For women with longer torsos, the men’s model may be more suitable.
• The Packin’ Tee ® was designed so that the armholes fit up under the armpit to absorb as much sweat as possible. This should keep most of the sweat away from contact with the gun.
• This shirt is designed to be a cross draw. If you are right-handed, the gun should be located on your left side so you draw across your body when pulling your weapon from the holster. And the opposite for left-hand draw.
• The Packin’ Tee ® was designed for versatility. Based on the optional accessories you may have purchased, you can:
o Carry a gun on both sides (requires the purchase of an additional holster)
o Carry a gun on one side and spare ammo on the other
o Carry a gun on one side and cell phone, wallet, badge, etc. on the other
o Carry no gun and conceal a knife, mace, pepper spray, etc.

Setting Up The Ridge Packin’ Tee ®

1. Ensure that you have the right fit. Your new Packin’ Tee ® should fit snug and close to the body. If it is too loose, your firearm may not fit securely.
2. Install your holster(s). Your Packin’ Tee ® includes two holsters: one for a small firearm, one for a large firearm. If you are right-handed, you should have right-hand holsters and the opposite for left-handers. The Packin’ Tee ® was designed for cross body draw, so if you are right-handed, your holster should be installed on your left side, and the opposite if you are left-handed.
• Choose your holster based on the size of your firearm. See our gun size chart here.
• Install your selected holster on the hook & loop panel under the arm.
• When installing, place the holster under the arm in a comfortable range for:


o Unrestricted arm movement
o Security of the firearm
o Ease of draw


Ensure that the hook and loop panel of the holster is in maximum contact with the hook and loop panel of the shirt for a secure fit. Find 

The most comfortable position of the holster based on your body type and size of firearm. If you have purchased the optional Universal Holster, follow the same instructions as above.
3. Install your optional pouches. If you have purchased the optional accessory or magazine pouch(s), place on the hook and loop panel on the opposite side of your body from the holster. It should be placed under the arm in a comfortable range for:

• Unrestricted arm movement
• Security of the pouch
• Ease of access

4. Once you have placed your holster and pouches for the ideal fit, put on your over-shirt. If you are wearing a button up, you simply unbutton the top 1 or 2 buttons and reach in for the weapon. In a critical situation, you may need to rip the shirt open to save time. If you are wearing a polo style shirt, you can reach down through the top or come up through the bottom. If the shirt is tucked in, you simply grab & untuck the shirt to get to the gun. The Packin’ Tee ® is compression fitted so it should not be affected by pulling your over-shirt up. This same scenario applies to a t-shirt being worn over the Packin’ Tee.

Care Instructions

We recommend that you remove any accessory pouches from the shirt before washing. After you remove the accessories, you can wash the Packin’ Tee ® just like any other cotton shirt. Hang to dry or tumble-dry using a low heat setting. Laundering your accessories and holsters with your Packin’ Tee ® won’t ruin them, but it can shorten their lifespan. We highly recommend hand-washing your accessories and allowing them to air dry.
Should you have additional questions regarding the set-up of your new Packin’ Tee ®, please contact us at We want to ensure that you get the most optimal performance from your new concealment shirt.