The Ridge Packin’ Tee ®

EUSTIS, FL – What to look for in concealed carry clothing? Versatility. No matter if you’re a right or left-hand draw or carry a large or small firearm, the Ridge Packin’ Tee ® adapts and is designed for versatility, comfort, and style. Always have your firearm at your side without the fit issues and comfort restrictions from standard holsters, and no need for jackets or other heavy outerwear to conceal your weapon. Everyday shirts/clothing can be worn over the Packin’ Tee, which features a compression fit, snug but not bulky or constricting. Choose from Crew or V-Neck, black or white, men’s or women’s*.

The Packin’ Tee ® is universal for use with either a right or left-handed gun holster. The heavy-duty hook and loop attachment pads on both sides of the shirt offer the ability to use one side for the gun holster and the other for the Packin’ Tee ® accessories: the Wallet Accessory Pouch (for cell phones, passports, badges, etc.) and the Magazine Pouch for carrying an additional magazine. Men’s sizing: Small – 4x, women’s Small-Large. MSRP Shirt + Holster: $42.00. Additional accessories MSRP: $6.00.

All Ridge Packin’ Tees ® feature:


  • 100% Pre-shrunk cotton
  • Compression fit
  • Extended length – stays tucked in
  • Holster placement on left side, right side or both
  • Reinforced mounting pads, shoulder and armholes to prevent sagging
  • Commercial-grade hook & loop attachment pads for ease of switching accessories and making subtle fit adjustments


* women’s available in scoop neck only